Tuesday, 1 April 2014

That was that

 Holly and Molly and Lolly and Tom

lived in a house with a dog and a cat

They were not very sure where the cat came from
but the dog was a puppy they found in a hat

- and that was that

Tomato sauce makes mi chips red

Young John from Northwich once said:
Some tomato sauce makes mi chips red
I ‘op up the street
eating chips with mi feet
an the chip tray goes into the flower bed

His mother said: Why do you do that?
And he said: You silly old bat
I'm not carryin’ it round
It looks nice on the ground
It wouldn't look nice as a hat

She took her brave John by the ear
You know all those rats that you fear
They thrive in your litter
Please don't think I'm bitter
..but this is a rubbish bin -  Here!!!

And see all those flowers in the flower bed
Your litter hides blue green and bright red
It wastes all the work
of the gardeners - you berk
Its an eyesore that kills plants stone dead

It spreads up the street and round town
and hides the church clock - where its blown
It hangs on the phone wire
and blows up much higher
You can go and collect it - you clown

Young John said: Eh Mam that's not fair
Its not all my rubbish out there
Mi friends chuck away
several bag loads a day
That's little Tom's coke can just there

And over the road there's a pony
eating polythene bags thrown by Tony
..and a bottle that broke
was thrown in by some bloke
in that flash car that Granddad's just shown me

His Mam said: You listen our John
Its time that this rubbish was gone
Go and round up the gang
Tom – Bob -Tony  - and Chang
..and Asil  - Jo  - Jane - and Yvonne

You can wear gloves and wellies and coats
Move the glass from the cows and the goats
Shift the bags from the sheep
Ask that girl in the Jeep
to stop throwing out boxes and notes

This town is a green Cheshire place
Every time that you litter this space
it smothers our pride
in this great countryside
Stop the litter..and Northwich is ace

They weren't very happy at first
but once they had cleared up the worst
they saw flowers and grass
so they asked their whole class
to put litter in bins
especially the chip tray
the coke can
the paper
the polythene bag
that might choke ponies dead
the glass that might break
to cut paws hooves and toes
the boxes and notes
and the junk that all floats
to stop time on the clock
right up in the steeple

then..choc full of pride..
at their litter-icide
they all burst

And as everyone knows ‘litter-icide’ is the killing of litter.


When I was nearly twelve
We went to the senior school
And became very small fish
In a very big school

We worked very hard

At growing into big fish

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just like me and you

Dragons are lumpy
and purple and pink and blue
Dragons are magic
and sometimes they look
just like me and you

The Dragon Lady lived in a little house
with a garden full of flowers
and lots of nettles for the butterflies

Foxes and rabbits and squirrels
lived in her garden
and in the grassy bank
just at the side of her house

Behind a high fence
so they'd be safe from the foxes
the Dragon Lady kept
lots and lots of birds

They were peafowl and turkeys
and guinea fowl and pigeons
and ducks and geese
and lots of lovely chickens

Some of the Dragon Lady's chickens
were so special
that nobody else had any like them
The Dragon Lady kept them safe

She fed her birds on golden corn
lots of wheat and oats and barley
with big baths of water for her ducks and geese to swim in
and little water dishes for her birds to drink from

Her birds gave her eggs to eat
and eggs to hatch to make more baby chickens
Sometimes they built a nest
laid the eggs and sat on them

In the spring and summer
lots of chickens would sit on nests
for three weeks - or more  -
clucking and growling
until their babies hatched

Then they showed them
lots of important things to do
How to dust-bath in the driest soil
How to peck for food and how to leap
 to catch the flies to eat

The chickens were very clever mums
and their baby chicks grew big and strong
They were taught how to go inside a shed
if the rain became very fierce
and how to preen their feathers
to make them smart and shiny

The chickens and turkeys were very happy
The guinea fowl and peafowl and pigeons
were also very happy
They flew about but always came home
to the Dragon Lady's garden

The ducks and geese swam in the water
all day long - and smiled a lot
They liked swimming and eating
and running about or lying in the sun

One day some people came to the Dragon Lady's door
They rat-tat-tatted with the knocker
and frightened both her stripy cats
They muttered and rat-tat-tatted again
When the Dragon Lady opened her door
to see who was frightening her stripy cats
the people said We are The Officials
We have come to take your birds away

They looked like ordinary people
but the Dragon Lady looked carefully
and the Dragon Lady's sandy dog sniffed the air
Dragons are lumpy
and purple and pink and blue
Dragons are magic
and sometimes they look
just like me and you

The Dragon Lady said
Why have you come to take my birds away?
and she shed a silent tear
and her dog growled at her side

The Officials - who were really dragons said
Because your birds are dirty
See  We have a pink piece of paper
The Top Official and The Silly Politician have signed it
The Dragon Lady looked at the pink piece of paper

All peafowl
All chickens and pigeons and guinea fowl
and turkeys and ducks and geese
are dirty  They're dirty!  They're dirty!
THEY'RE DIRTY!!!  it said

..so these Officials can take them away
and you can't stop them  it continued
It was signed by The Top Official
and The Silly Politician  - and stamped

The Dragon Lady was very sad
Her sandy dog was very sad as well
He looked after her birds and kept them safe
from rats and Officials and Top Officials and Silly Politicians

The Dragon Lady said  Oh alright
but I'm very busy today
You can take them away if you must
but you'll have to come back tomorrow

When they left  she closed her door
and watched from her window
to check that they didn't take
any of her beautiful  happy birds

Then she telephoned her friends
who came from a long way away
just to help her fight the dragons
The next morning all her friends had arrived

Dragons are lumpy
and purple and pink and blue
Dragons are magic
and sometimes the look just like me and you

The Officials  who she knew were really dragons
came marching up her path
They rat-tat-tatted on her door
and she invited them into her house

The Dragon Lady knew you couldn't hit The Officials
who were really dragons
It didn't work
She would have to be much more clever than that

She gave them a cup of tea and a large piece of cake
They showed her the pink piece of paper
and a yellow piece of paper
and a purple piece of posh paper

The Dragon Lady said  This paper says
my birds are very dirty  but they're not
My ducks and geese bath in nice clean water every day
My chickens  turkeys  guinea fowl
peafowl and pigeons take long careful dust baths

This yellow piece of paper says
my birds have lots of diseases
but that's not true at all
They're very healthy birds

This purple piece of posh paper says
that eggs from my birds
will make people feel very ill
That can't be true

There are four eggs in that nice cake
You aren't very ill?  Are you?
The Officials looked a bit worried
But they didn't feel very ill

The Dragon Lady and her friends
talked to The Officials about her birds
How special they were
and how many different kinds there were
The Officials were very surprised

They didn't know anything at all about birds
Some of the Dragon Lady's friends were children
They said  You can't take these birds away
We come to see them and we like them

One of the Dragon Lady's friends
was a man who couldn't see very well
and he couldn't talk very much
but he loved coming to look after the birds

He talked a lot that day
and the Dragon Lady helped him
I look after these birds  he said
You can't take them away
Another of the Dragon Lady's friends
knew about science and looking for dirtiness
- and he wrote for a big newspaper
which everybody read

He said  These birds aren't dirty
Scientists say they're not dirty
If you take them away
I will write a story about it
in the big newspaper

Then everybody will know
that Officials and Top Officials
and Silly Politicians are stealing birds
You wouldn't like that would you?

The officials started to quake in their boots
They had to have another piece of cake
because they were so worried
The Dragon Lady said 
You can't have my birds and that's that

The Officials tore up the pink piece of paper
and the children cheered and said  Whoopeeee!
They tore up the yellow piece of paper
and the man who couldn't see very well
and couldn't talk very much said  Oh good!

They tore up the purple piece of posh paper
and the man who wrote for the big newspaper said
Quite right too  Don't you ever
threaten to take these birds away again
- and they never did

So the chickens and pigeons
and guinea fowl and peafowl
and turkeys and ducks
and geese
lived happily ever after

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

In another lifetime, aged 11

In another lifetime, aged 11.

That girl
So keen on pleasing all
Is not the one I came to be

She found
That she must please herself
Then let the others come to see

And if
When happy and content
Her ways pleased them in empathy

Why then
Such pleasure would be spread
To need no soft apology

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Statia and The Standing Stones

When I was little
the big girl - and her friends - took me out

I sat in the pushchair and she pushed
Her name was Statia
and she was very nice to me

We went a long way
Near the Convent where she went to school
there were Standing Stones
They were very old

Some of them were flat like tables
The rest were very tall and straight
just like people standing very still

We had a picnic near the Stones
Bread and jam and a drink of water
It was very nice

All the sky over the hill
started to change from blue to pink
Sometimes it was orange

I sat in the pushchair
and Statia and her friends
took turns to push me

We had to be home before dark
so my mother wouldn't be angry
It was a long way back
But we could see the lovely colours

The sun turned very red
As it slid away we walked along our path
Mother was at the door waiting
She was very glad to see me

Statia and her friends said
"Goodnight Christine See you soon"
Mother gave me some milk and I had my tea
Then she put me to bed

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Responsible for Me

My big brother went to school before me
I had to walk to school with him and mother

At the gate we waved and he had to go into school
He always cried when we left him
So I used to cry as well

Mother used to take us the short way
most of the time
We walked across Canada Gardens

When we reached the railway bridge
she used to pick my brother up
so he could see over the wall

Sometimes there was a train turning round
on the turntable

My big brother said if it was there or not
If it was there I could be picked up next
If it wasn't there I wasn't allowed to look

Then we walked past the toy factory
We never saw any toys though

Then past the old poeple’s houses
They didn't have an upstairs
Sometimes we saw an old person

When my big brother kept on crying at school
they said I had to go to school as well

I was only four but I wanted to go to school
My big brother had to be responsible for me
Then he didn't cry

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