Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Statia and The Standing Stones

When I was little
the big girl - and her friends - took me out

I sat in the pushchair and she pushed
Her name was Statia
and she was very nice to me

We went a long way
Near the Convent where she went to school
there were Standing Stones
They were very old

Some of them were flat like tables
The rest were very tall and straight
just like people standing very still

We had a picnic near the Stones
Bread and jam and a drink of water
It was very nice

All the sky over the hill
started to change from blue to pink
Sometimes it was orange

I sat in the pushchair
and Statia and her friends
took turns to push me

We had to be home before dark
so my mother wouldn't be angry
It was a long way back
But we could see the lovely colours

The sun turned very red
As it slid away we walked along our path
Mother was at the door waiting
She was very glad to see me

Statia and her friends said
"Goodnight Christine See you soon"
Mother gave me some milk and I had my tea
Then she put me to bed

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