Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Granny and Scot at the Seaside

Granny wobbled off one day
to see the seaside far away
Her bicycle was oiled and clean
A really shiny green machine

She took a compass and a map
a book to read and in the gap
between them all and feeling hot
she carried too her good dog Scot

In the basket at the back
she carried wellies and a mac
some sandwiches of cheese and jam
and for her good dog Scot some lamb

At mid-day Granny reached the beach
and out jumped Scot so he could reach
the sea to bark at every wave
The good dog Scot was very brave

He paddled in the shallow sea
and he was happy as can be
whilst Granny sat and read her book
And when he barked she turned to look

She paddled in the sea as well
and Scot was pleased and ran to tell
a bird which ran along the shore
It flew away He barked once more

Then Scot did 'Swimming for a stick'
which Granny threw for him and 'Kick
the ball and fetch it back' til he
was happy tired and so was she

They ate the sandwiches and lamb
and Scot had milk and bits of jam
which Granny shared as she drank tea
then packed their things and left the sea

Scot sat alert as they went back
to keep my Granny from attack
by bears and wolves and dogs and cars
They cycled home with moon and stars

And when they reached my Granny's door
and Scot was on his feet once more
Granny said "We'll go back soon
I like to ride with stars and moon"

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