Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A Real Story

At school I struggledwith the little words
Then I struggledwith the bigger words
Then I looked atall the words together
They were all words

I took a deep breath
There were lots of words
All on the same page

I started at the first word
and read all the wordsuntil I came to the dot.
That meant you had to stop

The first word after the dot
led to the second word after the dot

The third word after the dot
led to the fourth and then
the fifth and sixth word

After the seventh word
there was another dot.
I knew you had to stop

I looked up to tell Miss
She was busy at the front of the class

So on I went
over the page
on and on and on

It was a story
A real story
and I could read it

When I got to the end
of four pages
I rushed up to the front
"Miss Miss It's a real story
It's about this girl and this boy
It's a storyI'm reading a story"

And Miss smiled
and said "Carry on"
So I did
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