Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Elaine's Mother

who was sometimes my friend
lived on the main London Road
on our way to school
near Canada Gardens

She lived in a private house
Not in a Council house like us
It was a big houseand looked very smart

Elaine's mother bought fish on Fridays
from the fish van man
who parked in the road
just outside their house

She would come out with her purse
She was still in her dressing gown
with a scarf over her curlers
and her fluffy slippers on

My mother was very shocked and said
On the main London Road..
in broad daylight too..
Not even dressed at quarter to nine
and her in a posh house..

Lots of other mothers were shocked as well
but Elaine was sometimes my friend
and Mary played with her as well
I thought Elaine's mother was very brave

Anyway her dressing gown did touch her slippers
so it was even longer than her dress
We didn't see her in her dress very much
but we used to watch for her on Fridays

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