Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Newspapers and Sunday School

When I was little the shops didn't open on Sunday
Newspaper men sold from the back of a van
or on dry days set papers out along the pavement

My father always fetched the papers
sometimes on his way to somewhere
He rode upon his motorbikeand put them in the sidecar
Sometimes he walked to fetch them

If we were very good we were allowed to go with him
We could carry them home - if we didn't drop them
When I was eight - or nine - I could read very well
but my mother wouldn't let me read the papers

"The Sunday Despatch and The News of the World
are not suitable for children" she would say
So that was that

My big brother and I had to go to Sunday School
before my father was allowed to read them

They had to be tidied away before we came home
I used to wish we didn't have to have newspapers on Sunday
Then we wouldn't have to go to Sunday School

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