Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Responsible for Me

My big brother went to school before me
I had to walk to school with him and mother

At the gate we waved and he had to go into school
He always cried when we left him
So I used to cry as well

Mother used to take us the short way
most of the time
We walked across Canada Gardens

When we reached the railway bridge
she used to pick my brother up
so he could see over the wall

Sometimes there was a train turning round
on the turntable

My big brother said if it was there or not
If it was there I could be picked up next
If it wasn't there I wasn't allowed to look

Then we walked past the toy factory
We never saw any toys though

Then past the old poeple’s houses
They didn't have an upstairs
Sometimes we saw an old person

When my big brother kept on crying at school
they said I had to go to school as well

I was only four but I wanted to go to school
My big brother had to be responsible for me
Then he didn't cry

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